A downloadable game

Sam can see the future. Dylan can see many possible futures. Tomorrow, they go on a date. Their relationship lasts 183 days.

When the two of them intersect, can their relationship end in anything but tragedy, or is there more than one way life can turn out?

In the Fastaval award-winning game 183 Days, you and a partner will play out the relationship between Sam and Dylan, the only two clairvoyants in the world. It is a game about the tension between love and fear, and destiny and free will.

A game for 2 people that lasts 2 hours. No prep required, just open, read the first card, and start!

"183 Days is an emotional, touching and surprising journey in an intimate session with just one other player. Prepare to fall in love, visit your own memories and live though a beautiful story told in an elegant manner. A must-play for both emotional and game-design interested players." -- Anna Westerling

"183 Days is a fantastic piece of cutting edge game technology. It not only lets two people tell a powerful, connected story with no prep and no fuss, it sets out a new paradigm for freeform design." -- Brand Robins

"183 Days hitches passion to story with perfect intimacy." -- Troels Ken Pedersen


Unfortunately, 183 Days currently requires a physical deck of cards to play, which can be purchased on DriveThruCards. We hope to make a print and play version available one day!